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Martha Savloff,MCHC

Chief Executive Officer + Founder

Martha Savloff knows firsthand the ups and downs of trying to lose weight. Her own journey towards a healthier lifestyle sparked a desire to support others facing similar challenges. Eager to make a difference, she earned a Master Certification in Health Coaching and, in 2017, launched Inspire Weight Loss right from the trunk of her car. Martha's focus is all about connecting with people who struggle with weight issues, offering understanding and encouragement. Her goal is to bring health and wellness to the community through practical and sustainable natural programs, treatments, and education.

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Dr. Marty Nalda

Director of Protocols + Co-Founder

Dr. Marty Nalda Once slender in her teens and 20s, Dr. Marty faced weight challenges after having children. Despite trying various methods, the weight kept returning, affecting health and self-image. Determined to find a sustainable solution, Dr. Marty, along with co-founders, developed Reveal—a healthy and effective program. Having shed 55 lbs, Dr. Marty now shares their journey to guide others toward a sustainable lifestyle with Inspire's core program.

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Dr. Donna Pontoriero

Director of Research + Co-Founder

Dr Donna Pontoriero had struggled with weight most of her life.  The excess weight affected how she physically felt and how she emotionally felt about herself.  Determined to get herself healthy, Dr Donna made nutritional changes like the the Reveal program offers and shed over 100 lbs.  She can relate to those who have struggled like she has. Motivated by a sincere desire to assist those with similar experiences, she and her co-founders collaboratively initiated the development of the Reveal program.

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Flexible Franchise Opportunities

Macro Center

This is our comprehensive Inspire Weight Loss® model, meticulously equipped with the essential features to diversify your revenue streams, all while ensuring your clients indulge in a premium, high-end experience.

Micro Center

We developed our Micro Center model, offering you an ideal entry point into the world of franchise ownership, without the need for a substantial investment in a full-scale Inspire Weight Loss® center. We’re talking about a total estimated investment range that could be as little as one quarter of the cost to open a Macro Center.

Enrich Your Community

We are committed to fostering lifestyle transformations at every Inspire Weight Loss® franchise location nationwide. As an Inspire Weight Loss® franchisee, you will provide support and accountability to individuals seeking a path towards a healthier and more fulfilling life. Our approach at Inspire Weight Loss® blends genuine enthusiasm with data-driven methods to ensure clients attain tangible, lasting results.


Massive Industry Opportunities

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Capitalize on a 76 billion dollar industry

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Over two-thirds of the population face weight-related health challenges

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This industry is not just here to stay; it's here to thrive and dominate.

We're on your Side!

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey by launching your very own business, equipped with an extensive arsenal of tools and unwavering support, ensuring you have every resource at your disposal to succeed and thrive.

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Micro Center

Estimated Initial Investment

$102,500 - $250,250 Inclusive of your Franchise Fee

Franchise Fee


One-time payment

Macro Center

Estimated Initial Investment

$270,950 - $474,650 Inclusive of your Franchise Fee

Franchise Fee


One-time payment

Steps to Launch!

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